Outreach | Networks

Community engagement and outreach was an important aspect of the work of the Centre. Our research programs directly informed the development of Resources and Tools for the assessment and interventions of a range of cognitive disorders. Participant registers, including the CCD Adult registers, Neuronauts Brain Science Club and the Prosopagnosia register, provided one avenue for people interested in cognition and its disorders to actively participate in the research and make contact with leading experts in the field. CCD Researchers also enjoyed engaging with young people and sparking interest in cognitive science and research as a career path. The Centre offered opportunities for students to get involved via several Educational Outreach programs. The wider community also benefited from various Community Outreach initiatives. The CCD supported the establishment of the Inclusive Research Network, to provide a supportive environment to educate and advocate for inclusive practices in academia and to communicate current issues regarding equity and diversity in our research communities. Finally over the life of the Centre, several Public Events were held to communicate our research findings with the general public and key stakeholders.