Cross Program Support Scheme

The CCD Cross Program Support Scheme provided funding for collaborative research projects that brought together researchers from different research programs within the Centre. Since 2012, the scheme ran seven times and funded 38 research projects. These projects brought together nearly 200 Centre members and resulted in 20 publications and 12 funded grant applications.

Stephanie Howarth, Vince Polito, Amanda Barnier, Max Coltheart, Simon Handley, Dries Trippas, Louis Klein and Paul Sowman "Reasoning, memory and beliefs: Using hypnosis and TMS to facilitate or inhibit rational thought and belief bias" (Belief Formation, Memory) $22,576

Saskia Kohnen, Wendy Best and Lyndsey Nickels "Talking to Read, Reading to Talk" (Reading, Language) $18,037

Sharon Savage, Lyndsey Nickels, Nora Fieder, Ramon Landin-Romero and Leonie Lampe "Learning from our mistakes - what error patterns and their neural correlates tell us about word relearning in Semantic Dementia" (Memory, Language) $21,195

Ian Stephen, Kevin Brooks, Regine Zopf and Vince Polito "The Effect of Visual Body Size Adaptation on Multimodal Representations of the Self" (Person Perception, Belief Formation, [Perception in Action]) $24,846

Lyn Tieu, Anna Fiveash, Stephen Crain, Olivia Brancatisano, Bill Thompson, Olivier Piguet and Amee Baird "Investigating the effect of musical priming on language processing in individuals with Alzheimer's dementia" (Language, Memory) $8,500

Hua-Chen Wang, Nan Xu, Katherine Demuth, Miao-Ling Hsieh, Kenneth Forster, Luan Li and Anne Castles "When bilingualism meets biliteracy: the role of morphological knowledge in spoken language in learning to read" (Language, Reading) $8,510

Ivan Yuen, Nicholas Badcock, Paul Sowman, Kirrie Ballard and Tatiana Izmaylova "Executive control and error monitoring of pronunciation during reading aloud in stuttering" (Language, Reading) $13,555

Solѐne Hameau, Lyndsey Nickels, Max Coltheart, Stephen Pritchard and Nora Fieder "Computational modelling of spoken word production" (Language, Reading) $37,867

Ramon Landin-Romero, Fiona Kumfor, Muireann Irish, Robyn Langdon, Emily Connaughton and Olivier Piguet "Default mode network integrity in dementia patients with psychosis: examining associations with cognitive factors" (Memory, Belief Formation) $39,708

Eva Marinus, Zoe Powell, Rosalind Thornton, Genevieve McArthur and Stephen Crain "Building a cognitive model of coding: The link between coding ability and syntactic skills" (Reading, Language) $21,564

Clare Sutherland, Gill Rhodes, Robyn Langdon, Nathan Caruana, Emily Connaughton, Louise Ewing and Nik Williams "Should I trust you? Appearance-based trust behaviour in schizophrenia" (Person Perception, Belief Formation, Neural Markers, Reading) $39,287

Alexandra Woolgar, Nicholas Badcock, Wei He, Jon Brock, Anina Rich and Lyndsey Nickels "Hidden language: using fast periodic stimulation to reveal lexical and semantic processing in minimally-verbal children with autism" (Reading, Language, Person Perception [Perception in Action]) $39,627

Nathan Caruana, Robyn Langdon, Kiley Seymour, Genevieve McArthur, Gillian Rhodes, Nadine Kloth and Colleen Murphy "Evaluating the achievement of joint attention in schizophrenia: An ERP and virtual reality study" (Belief Formation, Neural Markers, Reading, Person Perception) $39,947

Murieann Irish, Amanda Barnier, Celia Harris, Rosalind Thornton, Stephen Crain and Olivier Piguet "'Lost for words' - Exploring how language disruption impacts social interactions in dementia" (Belief Formation, Language, Memory) $39,656

Fiona Kumfor, Ramon Landin-Romero, Emma Devenney, Olivier Piguet, Robyn Langdon, Emily Connaughton and John Hodges "Testing the two-factor theory of delusional belief in dementia" (Belief Formation, Memory) $39,656

Lyndsey Nickels, Karen Croot, Saskia Kohnen, Trudy Krajenbrink, Cathleen Taylor and Greg Savage "Treating spelling problems in primary progressive aphasia: Informing theory of impairment and supporting ongoing communication" (Language, Memory, Reading) $38,722

Kiley Seymour, Robyn Langdon, Nathan Caruana, Gillian Rhodes, Colin Clifford, Susan Wardle and Blake Johnson "A new approach to study the neural basis of distorted gaze perception in schizophrenia: Assessing neural coding of gaze directions" (Belief Formation, Neural Markers, Person Perception) $39,790

Amee Baird, Bill Thompson, Nicolas Bullot, Laurie Miller, Amanda Barnier, John Sutton and Celia Harris "Our song: Music evoked collaborative memory in couples with and without acquired brain injury" (Memory, Language, Belief Formation) $31,000

Anne Castles, Lyndsey Nickels, Kate Nation, Danielle Colenbrander, Peng Zhou, Peter de Lissa and Hua-Chen Wang "Using eye-tracking to measure the effects of language training on reading comprehension: A feasibility study" (Reading, Language) $38,000

Genevieve McArthur, Paul Sowman, Dorothy Bishop, Greg Savage, Nathan Caruana and Deanna Francis "The effect of brain stimulation on reading training in dyslexia" (Reading, Perception in Action, Memory, Person Perception) $39,000

Lyndsey Nickels, Nora Fieder, John Hodges, Olivier Piguet, Solѐne Hameau and Wendy Best "The representation of meaning and its breakdown in semantic dementia and aphasia" (Language, Memory) $39,000

Olivier Piguet, Michael Hornberger, Romina Palermo, Gillian Rhodes and Fiona Kumfor "I can't see it in your eyes: Unpacking facial emotion recognition disturbance in frontotemporal dementia" (Memory, Person Perception) $40,000

Stephen Pritchard, David Kaplan, Vince Polito, Regine Zopf, Mark Williams and Max Coltheart "Investigating the effects of visual feedback information on body representation, sense of ownership and agency using next-generation virtual reality" (Reading, Belief Formation, Perception in Action) $38,000

Kiley Seymour, Robyn Langdon, Gill Rhodes, Timo Stein and Colleen Murphy "Examining unconscious processing of direct eye gaze in schizophrenia" (Perception in Action, Belief Formation, Person Perception) $5,000

Kiley Seymour, Robyn Langdon, Max Coltheart, Philipp Sterzer, Steven Dakin, Astrid Zeman and Colleen Murphy "Using visual illusions to link sensory deficits with 'loss of boundary' delusions" (Perception in Action, Belief Formation) $33,000

Britta Biedermann, Genevieve McArthur, Greg Savage, Yatin Mahajan, Peter de Lissa, Vince Polito, Lena Quinto, Michael Connors, Nicholas Badcock and Linda Larsen "Exploring the role of meditation in language remediation: A behavioural and neurophysiological study" (Language, Memory, Reading, Belief Formation) $20,000

Anne Castles, Paul Sowman, Saskia Kohnen, Greg Savage, Naama Friedmann and Yvette Kezilas "When FORM becomes FROM: Inducing Letter Position Dyslexia in the laboratory" (Reading, Language, Memory, Perception in Action) $11,091

Max Coltheart, Robyn Langdon, Amanda Barnier, Rochelle Cox and Paul Sowman "Belief formation, hypnotic suggestibility and the right dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (rDLPFC)" (Belief Formation, Language, Perception in Action) $16,505

Fiona Kumfor, Gillian Rhodes, Romina Palermo, Linda Jeffery, Muireann Irish and Olivier Piguet "Do I know you? Investigating prosopagnosia in left and right semantic dementia" (Memory, Person Perception) $30,000

Robyn Langdon, Gillian Rhodes, Linda Jeffery, Andrew Calder, Jonathan McGuire, Kiley Seymour and Colleen Murphy "Gaze processing and referential and paranoid delusions in schizophrenia" (Belief Formation, Person Perception, Perception in Action) $34,897.83

Vince Polito, Regine Zopf, Mark Williams, Amanda Barnier, Robyn Langdon, James Moore and Hannah Morgan "Understanding multiple components of self: Agency and body representation in healthy and impaired cognition" (Belief Formation, Perception in Action) $20,000

Suncica (Sunny) Lah, Lyndsey Nickels, Anne Castles and John Hodges "Memory and reading in children with temporal lobe epilepsy" (Memory, Reading, Language) $36,244

Muireann Irish, Stephen Crain, Rosalind Thornton, Blake Johnson, Donna Rose Addis and Olivier Piguet "The historical present in past and future narratives" (Memory, Language) $40,000

Nicholas Badcock, Louise Ewing, Gillian Rhodes, Genevieve McArthur and Linda Jeffery "The generalisation of a perceptual anchoring deficit in dyslexia" (Reading, Person Perception) $20,116

Bill Thompson, Blake Johnson, A/Prof Genevieve McArthur, A/Prof Sachiko Kinoshita and Yanan Sun "Characterising disorders of auditory-based communication skills" (Language, Reading) $17,000

Amanda Barnier, Greg Savage, Donna Rose Addis, Rochelle Cox, John Sutton, Nicolas Bullot, Celia Harris, Muireann Irish, Emily Connaughton, Aline Cordonnier, Amanda Selwood, Misia Temler, Kellie Williamson, Paul Keil and Aleea Devitt "Belief in Memory" (Belief Formation, Memory, Perception in Action) $40,000

Ryan McKay, Max Coltheart, Robyn Langdon, Emily Connaughton, Gillian Rhodes "Face perception, trust and paranoia" (Belief Formation, Person Perception) $24,022

Bill Thompson, Paul Sowman, Greg Savage, Lyndsey Nickels and John Hodges "Powering up the right hemisphere when words fail: Augmenting melodic intonation therapy (MIT) with non-invasive brain stimulation to treat impaired left-hemisphere function" (Language, Neural Markers, Memory, Reading) $14,000