Neural Markers Training Scheme

The Neural Markers Training Scheme provided training and support for researchers to develop new skills through collaborative research projects using magnetoencephalography (MEG), electroencephalography (EEG), functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), eye-tracking and other experimental techniques. A range of projects were funded by the Centre under this targeted research program.

David Kaplan, Paul Sowman, John Sutton and Chris Hewitson "Investigating the neural mechanisms underlying Bayesian sensorimotor learning using transcranial magnetic stimulation" (Belief Formation, Language, Memory) $5,400

Vince Polito, Regine Zopf, Paul Sowman, Jon Brock and Alexis Lutherborrough "Electrophysiological markers of sense of agency and body ownership" (Belief Formation, Person Perception, Language, [Perception in Action]) $7,436

Paul Sowman, Nicholas Badcock, Wei He, Greg Savage, Adrian Cohen and Jordan Wehrman "The outcome of impact: Detecting sports concussion with consumer-grade EEG" (Language, Reading, Memory) $6,284

Nathan Caruana, Alexandra Woolgar, Kiley Seymour, Jon Brock, Genevieve McArthur and Katherine Hardwick "Decoding joint attention processes using interactive eye-tracking and multivoxel pattern analysis" (Person Perception, Reading) $17,478

Max Coltheart, Michael Proctor, Felicity Cox, Kenneth Forster and Louise Ratko "Investigating lexical representation using masked onset priming and electromagnetic articulography" (Reading, Language) $7,598

Bianca de Wit, Alexandra Woolgar, Teresa Schubert, Hua-Chen Wang, Nicholas Badcock, Wei He and Sachiko Kinoshita "Investigating word recognition with Fast Periodic Visual Stimulation using Emotiv and Neuroscan EEG" (Reading, Language) $3,230

Erin Goddard, Muireann Irish, Erika Contini, Thomas Carlson and Olivier Piguet "Characterising the dynamics of remembered object representations in the posteriomedial cortex during a visuospatial working memory task" (Memory) $7,940

Simmy Poonian, Susan Wardle, Paul Sowman, Robert Keys and Robyn Langdon "The neural response to expectations about our own actions in healthy and schizophrenia populations" (Belief Formation, Language) $5,673

Nicholas Badcock, Ivan Yuen, Katherine Demuth and Genevieve McArthur "The effort of self-monitoring for articulation errors during reading" (Reading, Language) $6,300

Robin Litt, Jie Yang, Yu Li, Brian Byrne, Greg Savage, Matthew Finkbeiner, Paul Sowman, Anne Castles, Sachiko Kinoshita and Erin Banales "Neural correlates of letter-sound integration in English adults with dyslexia" (Reading, Neural Markers, Language, Memory, Perception in Action) $10,300

Teresa Schubert, Saskia Kohnen, Anne Castles, Lyndsey Nickels, Nathan Caruana and Peter de Lissa "How does impaired letter position coding affect lexical representations? An eye tracking study" (Reading, Language, Neural Markers) $5,180

Susan Wardle, Kiley Seymour, David Kaplan, Robyn Langdon, Max Coltheart and Colin Clifford "Understanding differences in neural inhibitory processes between schizophrenia and neurotypical human visual cortex using fMRI and population receptive field mapping" (Perception in Action, Belief Formation, Reading) $20,500

Alex Woolgar, Nicholas Badcock, Jon Brock, Anina Rich and Lyndsey Nickels "Unlocking voices: A neural marker for receptive language ability in minimally-verbal children with autism" (Perception in Action, Reading, Person Perception, Language) $9,972.40

Nora Fieder, Nicholas Badcock, Lyndsey Nickels and Solène Hameau "Locating and identifying effects of semantic neighbourhood in naming" (Language, Reading) $7,350

Katherine Demuth, Anne Castles, Blake Johnson, Sachiko Kinoshita, Elaine Schmidt, Carmen Kung and Peter de Lissa "The processing of commas as cues to prosodic boundaries in reading" (Language, Reading) $3,500

Fiona Kumfor and Olivier Piguet "Contributions of frontal and temporal lobe structures to facial emotion recognition: A magnetoencephalography study in frontotemporal dementia" (Memory)